Travel to and around Perth

Located in the southwest corner of Australia, Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Set between the Swan River and the 400 lush hectares of Kings Park on Mt Eliza, Perth city is synonymous with everything that is attractive about Australia.

Perth is acknowledged as a beautiful, clean and friendly city and is a centre of commerce, culture, sports, shopping and entertainment. Perth is a vibrant city awaiting your discovery.

Perth is accessible by land, sky, rail and sea through a vast network of travel options. The city and surrounds are easy to navigate with well signposted roads, an excellent public transport system and a large selection of touring options. Follow the links below to find out all there is to know about getting here and around. 

Travel to Perth

  • By air

  • By train

  • By road

  • Cruising

Getting to and from the airport

  • Taxi

  • Airport bus service

  • Airport Shuttle

Travel around Perth

  • Free CAT Bus

  • Taxi

  • Cycling and walking

  • Train and bus

  • Ferry

  • Hop-on hop-off options

  • Self drive

  • Tours

  • Disabled access

Travel times and distances

How long will it take me to get there? How far away is it? Find out the travelling times and distances before you hit the open road. The distances shown on the chart below use the main roads.

In some areas, there are alternative routes using unsurfaced roads or four wheel drive tracks. Check with the local visitor centres for current road information, travel times and distances. See a list of visitor centres in Perth.

Distance Chart


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