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Wildflower season

The wildflower season is one of WA's most fascinating and precious natural treasures.

The best way to experience the beauty of the wildflowers is by following one of the many tracks and trails both self-guided and guided celebrating the wildflower season.

Kings Park Trail

Wilderness and Wildflowers Trail

  • Distance: approximately 1 - 1.5 hours
  • Location: 400ha of natural bushland surrounding Kings Park
  • Flora to see: milkmaids, postmen, pixies and more

Follow this trail through Kings Park's natural bushland and see more than 1,700 species of native wildflowers. This walk operates September to October and is suitable for wheelchairs.

Swan Valley Trails

Wandoo Heights Walking Trail

  • Distance: Short walk, 45 minutes or long walk, 1.5 hours
  • Location: 30km north east of Perth via the Great Northern Hwy
  • Flora to see: kangaroo paw, everlastings, orchids and sundews

This beautiful walk has an amazing selection of wildflowers and native plants. You'll find onsite signage for directions and interpretive flora maps.

Noble Falls Walk Trail

  • Distance: 3.5km (45 minutes)
  • Location: 50km north east of Perth via Toodyay Road
  • Flora to see: orchids, Hakeas, Grevilleas, Isopogons, Petrophiles, triggerplants, and Verticordias.

A lovely walk along Wooroloo Brook with seasonal wildflowers. Onsite information and facilities include trailhead and directional signage, picnic tables, toilets and BBQ facilities.

Whiteman Park Bushwalk Trails

  • Distance: From 2.5km to 4.3km
  • Location: 18km or 35mins North of Perth
  • Flora to see: Pricklybark, banksia, Hibbertias and grass trees.

Three bushwalk trails complete with interperative notes. Each bush trail encompasses a different and valuable facet of the wonders of the bushland, and all are well sign posted.

Perth Hills Trails

The Perth Hills incorporates five National Parks including John Forrest National Park and Kalamunda National Park. Maps are available from the Mundaring Visitor Centre and guided wildflower walks are conducted throughout spring.

Bibbulmun Track

  • Distance: 1000km from Perth to Albany
  • Location: Begins in Kalamunda, north east of Perth

During spring the jarrah forests of the Bibbulmun Track become a blaze of colour when an amazing array of Wildflower species bloom. The track passes through many areas which display a rich diversity of WA's unique flora.

Eagle's View Walk Trail

  • Distance: 15km or 5-6 hours
  • Location: John Forrest National Park, 30mins east of Perth
  • Flora to see: banksia, wattle, Hakeas, Grevilleas, Dryandras, Pimelea, myrtles, triggerplants, kangaroo paws and blue Lechenaultia.

This trail is a bushwalkers delight covering a variety of pristine habitats and boasting a spectacular wildflower display in Spring.

Mount Dale Walk Trail

  • Distance: 2.5km or 1-2 hours
  • Location: Helena National Park, east of Perth
  • Flora to see: Kangaroo paws, Hakeas, Grevilleas, wattles, orchids and peas.

This trail follows the contours of Mount Dale to its peak where walkers enjoy a panoramic view of the Darling Ranges. The area is prolific with wildflowers in spring.

Coastal Trails

Wildflowers also grow along the coast from Yanchep National Park in the North through the Peel region in the south.

Rottnest Island

  • Distance: 4.5km around the island
  • Location: 30min ferry trip from Fremantle or 40min from Hillary's
  • Flora to see: Blue Rottnest Daisy, Rottnest Island pine and Rottnest Island tea tree (Melaleuca).

Rottnest Island is home to an array of unique flora and fauna. Over 1,500 native species of wildflower flourish on the island. You can join a tour or hire a bike to explore.

Yalgorup National Park Trail

  • Location: Travel the Old Coast Road to Preston Beach Road
  • Flora to see: Hibbertia, pink fairy orchids and cockies tongue.

The park has several easy walks and is known for its spectacular variety of vegetation and diverse geographical features, towering tuart trees and wetlands.

Serpentine National Park Wildflower Trail

  • Distance: 500m following the Serpentine River
  • Location: 50km south east of Perth
  • Flora to see: wattle, kangaroo paws, Hakea, Hardenbergia, Chorizema, Verticordia and orchids.

The Park protects nearly 4300ha of area home to a diverse range of vegetation and wildlife. The park is particularly spectacular during spring when the wildflowers are in bloom.

Yanchep National Park

  • Location: 51km north of Perth
  • Flora to see: banksia, one-sided bottlebrush, yellow buttercups, blue flowering, Hardenbergia, parrotbush, honeymyrtle and the Yanchep rose.

Yanchep National Park features a stunning array of wildflowers. Enjoy BBQ and picnic facilities, scenic walk trails.

Gingin Wonderful Wildflower Bushwalks

  • Distance: From 1-2km
  • Location: surrounding the Gravity Discovery Centre, Gingin

Wildflower walking trails in the bush surrounding the centre. Trails are clearly marked and easy to walk. For just $25pp you can also join a walk guided by a biodiversity expert which includes lunch.

Wildflower events & festivals

See what wildflower festivals are coming up this spring!

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