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Nature and Wildlife

There are many beautiful nature and national parks to visit within a very easy drive of the city centre.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) has set up many initiatives to make parks more accessible to locals and visitors alike with the Nearer to Nature program an excellent example. All Visitor Centres have information and maps relating to the many national and other parks available to visit, along with information on the best places to find wildflowers when in season.

For a full list of parks in the Experience Perth region and information on activities in the parks please visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.


National, regional & marine parks

Discover some stunning scenery on offer in the national, nature and marine parks of Perth and surrounds. Explore these parks by foot, bike, or snorkel there's a range of fantastic experiences on offer.
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Tracks and trails

Perth and surrounds has many wonderful walking and hiking trails through the national parks, informative guided walking tours in Fremantle and Rottnest and numberous cycle, canoeing and horse riding trails.
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Nature's Calendar

WA boasts an amazing line up of spectacular natural events and attractions, including wildflowers, dolphins and whales, offering a unique opportunity to be touched by nature.
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Wildlife EncountersWildlife Encounters

Perth boasts diverse wildlife experiences and natural wonders to discover. From marine life to marsupials, there are a range of unique wildlife encounters on offer in and around Perth.
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Eco tours and marine Life

From indigenous walking tours in Kings Park to whale watching, or swiming with wild dolphins off our magnificent coast you'll find heaps of great eco and marine life tours in Perth.
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Nature and wildlife attractions

Perth boasts a diverse wildlife experiences and natural wonders to discover and wildlife to interact with - snorkel in some of the word's most diverse marine environments, feed kangaroos and meet cute koalas and more!
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Whale watching adventures

From September - December humpback whales pass close to the Perth coast allowing a unique opportunity to see these amazing creatures up close on a whale watching adventure.

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Wildflower season

The wildflower season is one of WA's most fascinating and precious natural treasures with thousands of flowers scattered across the region. Click here for some great wildflower trails found around Perth.
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