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Where should you have breakfast in Perth?

By the Experience Perth Blogger

Monday, 27 June 2016

The Botanical Cafe
The Botanical Café, Kings Park

When it comes to breakfast in Perth, you can never be sure of where to go every time. Luckily, we have created a quiz that will quickly tell you the best place to have breakfast in Perth this weekend.

1. Where do you live?

A. Northern suburbs
B. Central area
C. South/Eastern
D. Near water

2. What kind of food do you like in the morning?

A. Elegant, tasteful morsels of food
B. Almost anything: Omelettes, fruit, cereal and baked deliciousness
C. Farm to table food with plenty of choice
D. Breakfast dishes with a twist: vegan, lavender infused banana bread

3. Who is your regular breakfast buddy?

A. Your partner
B. Your friends
C. Your husband/wife and kids
D. You prefer to breakfast alone

4. What kind of breakfast environment do you like?

A. Classically sophisticated
B. You like excitement all around you
C. Outside settings are always best
D. Funky and casual

5. What's most important to you:

A. A quiet, comfortable country dining experience
B. A wide selection of food and no limits on what I can or can’t have
C. Breakfast that can easily turn into brunch without hassle
D. City and water views from my cup of morning coffee

6. What do you like to do during breakfast?

A. Shut your eyes and soak up the flavours floating around in your mouth
B. People watch
C. Watching the kids play and run while you take in the fresh air
D. Read the paper and ponder your day ahead

7. What do you plan on doing after breakfast?

A. Taking in a wine tour or maybe a stroll by the river
B. Watching sports or going to a live show
C. Nothing much, you could stay right here all day
D. You want to head into the city for some shopping

8. Out of the below, where is your favourite place to have breakfast in Perth?

A. Gusto Food in South Perth
B. Any Miss Maud's
C. Cool Breeze Café in Bayswater
D. Piccolo's Corner in West Leederville

9. How do you take your food?

A. On the table, between my knife, fork and glass of champagne
B. In piles you placed on your plate, of course
C. It needs to be complemented with something great to make my day
D. To be versatile enough to eat on the go or to stay, sit and devour

Tally your points and see where you should be having breakfast in Perth this weekend:

Mostly As: Why don't you try breakfast at Mandoon Estate in the Swan Valley?

A world where elegant style and delicious food meet and mingle. Enjoy the outdoor seating, overlooking the vineyard or sit indoors for a more formal feel. Enjoy a champagne breakfast in Perth at the Mandoon Estate with your family for the perfect start to your day.

Mostly Bs: Load your plate at the Atrium Buffet at Crown Perth

The Atrium at Crown Perth is home to an amazing buffet that serves anything and everything you can imagine to have for breakfast. The vibe is casual and the people are diverse. When you come to Crown Perth, you can expect to see a wide range of food varieties to satiate any level of hunger. Stick around after breakfast for fun in the Casino, or even head to the sports bar to see what's playing.

Mostly Cs: Head to the Perth Hills for a CORE Cider House breakfast

Your breakfast in Perth couldn't get any more relaxed than at the CORE Cider House. With plenty of room for kids to roam and lots of beautiful scenery to take in, you probably won't want to leave - and you wouldn't have to. CORE Cider House caters for breakfast and lunch, and has great facilities to keep the little ones occupied while you relax.

Mostly Ds: Take in the views at Botanical Café, Kings Park

The Botanical Café in Kings Park is the perfect place to kick start your day if you like to do things your own way. Views overlooking the city and river easily being the best thing about the Botanical, with quirky everyday breakfast staples following hot on its heels. Enjoy a serene, simple breakfast at the Botanical Café.

Get to know your Perth eats

Find more great breakfast or brunch options here or plan for an early morning at one of Perth's weekend markets.


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