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Step Back in Time… in Perth!

By the Experience Perth Blogger

Monday, 2 January 2017

Fremantle Prison - tunnels tour
Fremantle Prison, Fremantle

It's time to focus on Perth's history, as we lead into the future, and remember the good old days! When was the last time you discovered the history of Perth?

Teach your kids a lesson these school holidays! Experience Perth has unearthed some gems that will shine bright, whilst teaching you a thing or two - even locals! So, if you wish you could turn back time, here are the a select number of places to visit in Perth - guaranteed to take you a step back in time. Let's do the time warp with these 16 steps:

1. The Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison torchlight tours can be eerie, yet interesting for the entire family. Built in the 1850s, it was not only a place to keep prisoners, but also a place to inflict punishment. Now open for tourists and locals alike, the Fremantle Prison operated as a prison for almost 140 years. It's a crime not to investigate the diverse Fremantle Prison history tours available. So, lock in a date and experience it for yourself!

2. The WA Maritime Museum

Navigate your way to one of the most interesting must go places in Perth. It does not only show off stunning maritime artifacts, but also documents on Western Australia's maritime history - even residents are sure to be surprised by a few facts! Don't miss the boat - whether you're planning a day in Fremantle, or get a buzz out of historic dates and records, head over to visit the WA Maritime Museum. If you’re at a loose end for more options, keep scrolling down for further fun dates in Perth, and learn the ropes about all Perth has to experience!

3. The WA Shipwreck Galleries

For anyone curious about WA shipwrecks, put the Shipwreck Galleries on your list of great things to do in Perth. It stores a wide range of items salvaged from the 17th century Dutch Batavia shipwreck which sunk in 1692. The Shipwreck Galleries is sure to leave you full of interesting facts and figures, as you're left to ponder how those in the past travelled on the high seas to this great southern land. Castaway any doubts, and get all hands-on deck these summer holidays! Rally the crew aboard for a great day out!

New Norcia
New Norcia

4. The New Norcia Museum & Art Gallery

There are also plenty of things to do in Perth and surrounds for art lovers. Head out a little further and start with the New Norcia Museum & Art Gallery, where you can learn about the Spanish monks, schooling, and developments of New Norcia over the decades. New Norcia is a charming historic destination to explore for a day trip (on your own, or with tour operators) or even for the weekend! It could also be a fun date in Perth to do! So, take a vow to observe all there is to see in this interesting region.

5. The Army Museum of WA

For any war enthusiasts, the Army Museum of WA is sure to teach you a few things about the colonial and post-federation periods, up until the end of WWII (and beyond). The Army Museum of WA is in the top 10 places to visit in Perth to learn more about WA's history, or if you're feeling patriotic. With big boy's toys from tanks to decommissioned weapons - there's lots to patrol through, so don't desert us - deploy your troops and enroll to invade these exhibits this weekend.

6. The Art Gallery of WA

The next place to visit in Perth, when it comes to art, is the Art Gallery of WA. The surrounding local heritage buildings are sure to transport anyone back in time, whilst the gallery showcases local Australian artists and international counterparts. Being one of the world's greatest collections of indigenous art and design, it is definitely a top spot when it comes to places to visit in Perth. You will be in awe, gazing at the diverse art displayed at the Art Gallery of WA. If that paints a pretty picture for you, be sure to add this to your list today!

7. The Old Court House Perth

Being the first court building constructed in Perth, the Old Court House is the oldest surviving public building and one of the few remaining buildings designed in the classical Greek revival style. Make sure you check it out, and get transported back to another era. This venue is part of the great walking trail options around Perth. A map and more information on nearby walkable historic sites is compiled here (PDF). Judge it for yourself today!

Fremantle Arts Centre
Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle

8. The Fremantle Arts Centre

There is more art to offer at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Being one of WA's major art organisations, it offers great exhibitions and events all year long. Make sure to not miss out on what the Fremantle Arts Centre has to offer during your stay in Perth! Don't brush it off, ease yourself into a lovely day strolling through the grounds, by starting off with a coffee or breakfast at the onsite café.

9. The Round House Fremantle

The Round House is another Fremantle prison and was the first building to be constructed in Western Australia in 1831. It was named this way because of its 12-sided shape. Make sure to examine this historic Fremantle landmark. Try a walking, tram or segway tour of the local area are available, else there are other self-guided options to inspect for more local history and culture. Raise the bar, or bond with the family, by trialing one of these suggestions this weekend!

10. The Old Swan Barracks

The Old Swan Barracks will give you a feel for what life was like before the formation of the Australian army, back in a time when volunteer militias were formed to protect Western Australia. Now featuring a bar plus hostel, this is a historic place to visit in Perth - whilst also being a pick up and drop off point for Aussie Wanderer Tours and Safaris - if you wish to combine these! Bite the bullet, and do it justice, by signing up for these dutiful adventures today!

11. The Berndt Museum of Anthropology

This museum is known to host one of Australia's most important collections of Aboriginal art and cultural materials. It is great for tourists and locals to learn about every Australian's culture. Don't get burnt this summer - head indoors to visit the Berndt Museum of Anthropology, for all you need to know about local culture.

The Perth Mint - nugget
The Perth Mint, Perth

12. The Perth Mint

If it pans out, be sure to add this to your list of places to visit in Perth, and learn all you need to know about gold. Whether you like exhibitions or demonstrations, the Perth Mint has it all - including the largest coin in the world, valued at more than $50 million! The Perth Mint is sure to teach you a thing or two about gold (and is worth the wait if you haven't seen it already) - so don't miss this golden opportunity!

13. Kalamunda History Village

The Kalamunda History Village is an excellent place for the entire family to learn what life looked like in the 1800s. With period furniture, old radios, and clothes, you will almost feel part of this world, as you mill around the local merchants. Don't settle for less - unleash the pioneer within, and trek out on an - exhibition to see the traders at the Kalamunda History Village.

14. Guildford Historic Walking Tour & Museum of Natural History

Guildford should be on your list of places to visit in Perth, if you are a history buff! Try a self-guided tour to see a number of fascinating historic buildings. Read interesting facts on the stops along the way. To top off the day, head to the Museum of Natural History. Located in a historical building, it's full of fascinating items, with taxidermy at its core, which is sure to intrigue the entire family. You're bound to see things that will make you giggle, and astonish you.

There are also a number of antique shops nearby, that will take you back to simpler times. What was old is new again, with abundant vintage collections! Reminisce with the golden oldies and step to a different beat, by hunting through Guildford on foot today! To examine what else is based in Guildford, research things here.

15. Leighton Battery

Do you dig tunnels? For enthusiasts, it's time to bunker down, and unearth what lies under the surface! To get back to the heart of WWII, there is nothing better than Leighton Battery. As one of the key strategic defense lines in Perth during WWII, it is now able to be delved into. Make sure you check out this site in between all the activities to do in Perth! Tunnel through time, and uncover the mysteries that these bunkers hold.

Rottnest Island Lighthouse
Rottnest Island

16. Rottnest Island Lighthouse, Museums & Galleries

If you've been running the gauntlet, escape the rat race and get back on an even keel with a break at Rottnest Island! It will keep you busy for the day, weekend or week! Whether to ensure the kids are entertained, or if you are looking for fun dates in Perth - Rottnest Island has it all. So, if you're looking to brighten your weekend, start with the lighthouse that was built in 1849, to jump back in time. As WA's first stone lighthouse, it helped many ships get to shore safely.

Once that's done, forge ahead to visit the museums - including the Rottnest Island Museum or Lomas Cottage, to learn more about Rottnest's history. Why not try a new tack, and satisfy your artistic side, by going to the Salt Store Gallery and Exhibition Centre, to see what unique art or photography display is on offer. To guide you in the right direction with more tips on Rottnest - try this article. Don't get left high and dry, beat the ground swell, and get your team all aboard for a top time this summer!

Whether it is for the entire family or a romantic date, there are ample places to visit in Perth, to make you ponder about the past. If you're looking for more, make sure you investigate what other history and heritage tours Experience Perth recommends.

Experience the bygone times, and don’t miss any of the fun things to do in Perth! Start making your own history, and subscribe today to the Experience Perth Newsletter.


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