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Pop Down to Fremantle

By the Experience Perth Blogger

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Fremantle Story

Dining in Fremantle - image courtesy of City of Fremantle

Freo's new Pop Up Café and Bar Scene

Where would you go to find Australia's hipster paradise? Most of you would say Melbourne, but the truly bohemian person would know of a place much closer to home. Fremantle is known for its beautiful architecture, picturesque views of the ocean and delicious dining experiences. The best part? Fremantle is always changing, hosting WA's most diverse range of pop up experiences.

Thanks to Fremantle, you can:

Sink your teeth into Fremantle food

Cool off from the sweltering WA climate in Fremantle. A cool sea breeze in most parts of the town ushers you along the cobble-stoned alleys and into boutique stores for cold treats of homemade gelato and local beers. If you’re only going to try one thing in Fremantle, it has the be the muffle, a waffle wrapped around ice cream, which is bound to stop the heatwave from getting to you.

No visit to Fremantle is complete without a visit to the Fremantle Markets (open Friday - Sunday). This is where Perth's cultural diversity is on full display and there are ample pop up food stands to choose from. Try a gourmet German hot dog or a mouth watering southern style chicken burger. Eat your fill and make the most of your weekend in this charming port town, with a wonderfully mysterious history.

Those looking for a more substantial meal will be easily pleased with cool new faces such as the Mantle, The Raw Kitchen and May Street Larger to the good ol’ favourites like Char Char Bull, Cicerello's Fish and Chips and Pizza Bella Roma.

Fremantle bars

Fremantle bars - image courtesy of City of Fremantle

Wet your whistle at Fremantle bars

There's something satisfying about being in the know of the best places to drink. Pop up bars cater to everyone looking to set trends rather than follow them, and Fremantle is leading the charge with a number of great locations that will wow your friends.

For a hearty meal and a cultural experience (as well as a tonne of tasty craft beer) visit Zapfhall, where you can indulge in the best in German beverages and foods available in Perth. The owners are passionate about expanding Perth's nightlife and cultural possibilities with monk-made beers and traditional German sausages.

Stay up to date with the multitude of events happening in the Fremantle pop up bar scene.

Get to know Fremantle

Now that you know all about Fremantle pop up bars and stalls, you are equipped to visit the hip and trendy part of Australia in your own backyard.

Learn more about Fremantle bars and restaurants and make the most of your summer!


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