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The Best Venues hosting Perth's International Jazz Festival

By the Experience Perth Blogger

Friday, 27 May 2016

Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place, Perth - Perth International Jazz Festival

Mark your calendar; the International Jazz Festival is coming to Perth.

Even if you aren't the biggest jazz music fan, this event is sure to appeal to anyone with an open mind for music and new experiences.

The venues chosen to host the Perth International Jazz Festival in June are quickly becoming the stars of the show, with elegant Perth locations that have transformed the city in to something new and impressive. Each location has its own history and feel that appeals to many Perth dwellers and visitors. Take a look to see which suits your style for the upcoming jazz festivities.

Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place stands tall against the Perth skyline, is well equipped with plenty of awards to support its structure and is even one of Australia's most awarded properties.

Regarded as one of Australia's most significant commercial precincts, Brookfield Place is nestled in amongst the sky-high heritage buildings, which creates a stunning contrast of steel and stone that is played up with art, functional furniture and just the right amount of cool vibes.

This June, Brookfield Place is host to a range of Perth International Jazz Festival shows and rightly so. The construction has won awards every year since it opened. Set against the eclectic backdrop of Brookfield Place, the Perth International Jazz Festival is the perfect urban infusion that enhances the eclectic jazz experience thanks to graffiti art and modern styling.

Who to see at Brookfield Place:

  • Friday: Marcio Mendes & Lucky Oceans | Fat Sparrow | James Sandon Quartet
  • Saturday: Shai Maestro | Sergio Galvao | Hiatus Kaiyote
  • Sunday: Stu Hunter - The Migration | Gary Bartz | Yellowjackets
Ellington Jazz Club

The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth - Perth International Jazz Festival

The Ellington Jazz Club

The pumping night nook known as the Ellington Jazz Club is one of Australia's finest jazz venues that treats the people of Perth to some of the best musicians on offer. This hole in the wall club is set out like NY jazz clubs at the height of their popularity. A mix of textures and deeply serious shades are cast across the club, welcoming guests to indulge in the sometimes broody and dramatic jazz lifestyle.

Staking its claim in the main area is the stage. It's a space that allows no room for separation from the audience, full jazz immersion. Sitting at a table, at the foot of the musicians, will transport you to a time where moonshine was prohibited and jazz speakeasies were quietly adored. Take yourself off to the New York-esque Jazz club for the Perth International Jazz Festival and experience the best of both music and venue worlds.

Who to see at the Ellington Jazz Club:

  • Friday: Hetty Kate | Jam Session with James Sandon
  • Saturday: Tina Harrot | Old School Funk Band
  • Sunday: Ari Hoenig & Quentin Angus | Lionel Loueke & the Vampires | Jam Session with Tal Cohen
Perth Cultural Centre

Perth Cultural Centre, Perth - Perth International Jazz Festival

Perth Cultural Centre

The wide expanse of the Perth Cultural Centre is surrounded by some of Western Australia's most important buildings, the State Library, The WA Museum and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. These buildings are as important to the Cultural Centre as the bricks and grass of this expressive space, because they give context and meaning to events that take place there. Enjoy the funky, adaptive style of the Perth Cultural Centre this June when you join in on the Perth jazz festivities.

Who to see at the Perth Cultural Centre:

  • Friday: Wayjo | Jaime Oehlers Quartet & James Muller | Jessie Gordon

Cathedral Square

Described as an "interactive vibrant urban center of Perth" the Cathedral Square is the intersection of heritage state government offices and metropolitan sanctuary. The unique space is also 'point zero' - the geographical position that all distances to Perth are measured, which (in a way) makes it the very heart of Perth City. Much like Perth Cultural Centre, Cathedral Square stitches history with modernity to create a diverse landscape for newcomers and Perth-dwellers.

The Perth International Jazz Festival at Cathedral Square will prove to enhance the audience's senses as it sits in the middle of various kitchen and food houses popular in the area in a well-kept garden that's protected by some of the oldest buildings in the city.

Who to see at Cathedral Square:

  • Saturday: Hale School Jazz Orchestra | Ursula Yovich | The World According to James | Julien Wilson Quartet
Northbridge Piazza

Northbridge Piazza, Northbridge - Perth International Jazz Festival

St George's Cathedral

St George's Cathedral's history is extensive and impressive, dating back to the 1800s, when it was built and consecrated. Today the building stands facing out to Perth in a welcoming manner, and once inside you will see why this Cathedral has open doors. Floor to ceiling brick and iron combined with stone and wood brings you right back to the traditions that built this great country.

The building is a place of soft words and silent prayers, but when the Perth International Jazz Festival visits, the Cathedral is transformed into one of celebration and movement. For a strangely comforting juxtaposition of tradition and expression, St George's Cathedral is jazz's best stage.

Who to see at St George's Cathedral:

  • Saturday: Alex Da Costa & Graham Wood Trio | Chris McNulty - Eternal

Northbridge Piazza

Welcome to the precinct that Perth locals call "Northies", with everything you could want in a 1km radius. The Northbridge Piazza is a newer addition to Perth when compared to the other locations for this year's Jazz Festival. The area was opened in 2009, allowing a space for cultural and popular activities to take place, from theatre to movie showings and sports viewings on the big screen.

The multi-purpose grounds are open 24hours a day, as any major attraction should be. The Perth International Jazz Festival will bring a wide range of viewers along, from passers-by to interstate travellers, all keen to see talented artists bare their souls in the name of Jazz.

Who to see at Northbridge Piazza:

  • Sunday: WAAPA Phat Funk Band | M17 with Roger Garrood | Ali Bodycoat & Libby Hammer | Tal Cohen Quartet

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