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8 of Fremantle's Memorable Restaurants

By the Experience Perth Blogger

Friday, 27 May 2016

Cicerello's Fremantle

Cicerello's Fremantle, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

Your days of exploring Perth are not over just because you've lived here for 20 years or you've visited a dozen times.

No, this city has plenty of old and new hotspots to keep you on your toes. Because its winter, and there's nothing better to do than to eat your bodyweight in food, we have picked what's considered as some of the most memorable Fremantle restaurants for all your food-fetish needs. Please note: Stretchy pants may be required.

So, here's just some of the restaurants in Fremantle that you need to consider visiting this winter:

For the Seafood

Char Char Bull

This Fremantle restaurant has been going in Perth for eons, so they must be doing something right, right?! Char Char Bull sits right on the water in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, giving you great views and great atmosphere. Its specialty is any fish-dish, and rightly so as they get their pick of the best local fish, oysters, prawns and mussels from the region. If you've never been here before, it's one of Perth's restaurant gems that’s treated like an initiation for entering Fremantle.

Kailis' Fish Market Café

Another one of the fishy Fremantle restaurant favourites is Kailis' Fish Market Café. The restaurant is one of a kind with unmissable oysters, the shining jewel in their crown, a much raved about extravagance on any review site. Kailis is known in Western Australia as the 'king of seafood', however we know that it's the local Perth seafood that makes this restaurant great. Portions are large, fish is fresh and the views are limitless. Your cup runneth over with fish at Kailis.

Cicerello's Fremantle

And here's another favourite, with more than 100 years to its name. Serving some of WA's best freshly caught seafood including mussels, crab, sardines and crayfish at Fremantle's Fishing Boar Harbour. Kids will love finding 'Nemo' and 'Dora', plus all their friends, in the restaurants' 20,000 litre Tropical aquarium and explore's WA's spetacular marine environment with over 50 species collected from Fremantle's waters in the 'Noah's Ark' aquarium.

Bread in Common

Bread in Common, Fremantle

For the View

Bather's Beach House

Take a step off the sand and head into Bather's Beach House for an amazing Sunday Session (or Any-Day-of-the-Week-Session). This casual Fremantle restaurant is welcoming and spacious, making room for all looking to enjoy a sunset view and a nice drink. Head here for the best way to wind down a long week and watch waders in the water and the sun burn out into night.

For a New Eating Experience

Nunzio's Restaurant

Some may agree and others have their own favourites, but this is often considered the restaurant to go to in Fremantle for amazing Italian food. Raved about online, Nunzio's is a great restaurant for decadence and taste bud inspiration. Glancing at their menu will give you a preview of the night to come, but it isn't until you're there that you will really see where every cent you pay is going. The intimate setting is perfect for small groups, families and couples looking to share great food with equally great wine. You'll feel right at home at Nunzio's.

Bread in Common

Well, first of all, the designer of this Fremantle restaurant must have really liked lights. Filament bulbs dangle from the ceiling above tables, chandeliers light wine bottle labels and industrial pendant lights hang over the kitchens and bakery. The overall effect is warm and welcoming with a hint of industri-cool. The food at Bread in Common has been eagerly devoured by many, with a range of meals available, depending on the season and meticulously made from local produce. Then, there's the bread. We might need a whole new blog post to go into that, but the long and short of it is: it's divine and well worth sampling, off the menu or from their bakery cove to the side of the restaurant.

Moore & Moore, Fremantle

Moore & Moore, Fremantle

For good measure, we have also chosen a couple of great coffee bars in Fremantle that are bound to put spring back into your winter step.

For One of the Best Coffees

Moore & Moore

One word: Moore&Moore. Well, maybe it's three, but when you're too tired to say all three words (because you haven't had a coffee hit) it's one word. Needless to say once you’ve stopped by Moore & Moore Café for their 'café au lait', you will be singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" the rest of your morning. Moore & Moore also have an extensive food menu, but for a quick pick-me-up, you can't go past their coffee offeirngs. It won't leave you wanting 'Moore'.

Blink Coffee Bar

This is the super cool hole-in-the-wall that gives you direct access to the best beans in town. Known for its quirky style and excellent service, Blink Coffee Bar helps you show off to your kids/friends/family that you know all the underground happenings in Perth, and this is 'your coffee spot'. No bad reviews exist for this bar, so get in now and enjoy a little sunshine and happiness this winter.

We've got your food options covered, now make a weekend of it in Fremantle and look for great accommodation deals over winter. There's a host of things to do while you're enjoying the port-side city plus a number of events are scheduled too. Plan your trip to Freo here.


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