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10 Easy Things to do in Perth with Kids

By the Experience Perth Blogger

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Kings Park

Kings Park

These are ten sure ways to ensure your kids' iPads stay on the shelf these school holidays.

Get them out of the house and maybe even teach them a thing or two with a variety of fun and educational kids activities Perth has on offer this summer. This list is bound to appeal to children of different ages and temperaments.

1. Kings Park: The Adventurer

Get your kids running around and playing in no time! You won't believe all the fun they can have on their visit to King's Park while you watch them from your comfortable spot in the shade.

Kids will love the numerous play areas around the park. If they get bored of one, they can set a course for another and enjoy the unique experiences each one offers. You can take them to the Rio Tinto Naturescape, where they can engage with the environment, or the Synergy Parkland where your kids will enjoy the amazing dinosaur-era themed playground. .

Kings Park can be a fun adventure for kids of all ages at all times of year. Visit this Perth attraction today!

Adventure World

Abyss at Adventure World

2. Adventure World: For The Entire Family

Need something to keep everyone happy? You can keep kids (and adults) of all ages entertained at Perth’s hybrid theme park and water park, Adventure World.

From an enchanting medieval land of baby dragon’s and fairies to some bone-chilling land and water rides, parents will be thrilled to keep them happy in a safe, controlled environment. Join them down the new Kraken, an enormous water funnel slide with dark twists and turns right to the bottom, a four person raft and a lot of air in your lungs. Get their hearts racing on gravity-defying rides like Rampage or Freefall. However, the absolute must-visit is Abyss. Voted Australia’s best rollercoaster, this twisting, turning monster will scare even the bravest rider. 

You're set for a serious day of fun at this park, find out more.

Orangutans at Perth Zoo

Orangutan at Perth Zoo

3. Perth Zoo: The Animal Lover

Perth Zoo is really only known for having the most successful Sumatran orangutan breeding program in the world. Make no mistake, these creatures are fascinating to observe and can provide hours of enjoyment, but there are so many different animals that will bring out the passion for animals in any child.

While other zoos have big animals, Perth Zoo has collected rare, endangered species that need just as much help, if not more. In December 2015, the Zoo became the first in the world to breed the short-beaked echidna in captivity; an important step in saving this critically endangered species.

See the wonders of the animal kingdom in your own backyard when you visit Perth Zoo today!



4. AQWA and Mills Charters: The Day Dreamer

Explore 12,000km of WA coastline in just one day. AQWA is home to 40 exhibits, which highlight the diversity of WA’s marine life. Highlights include the Marmion Marine Park, where you can interact with sea creatures in the touch pool and the DANGERzone, where you will see animals that are experts in capturing and devouring their prey.

As something to consider for later on in the year, Why not. take your little dreamers on an AQWA Ocean Safari and go whale watching. Departing every Wednesday at 9am during the whale-watching season (September-December), this charter will help capture the imaginations of your children as they see the ocean’s most majestic inhabitants.

Visit AQWA today to learn all there is to know about the fascinating underwater life of Australia and Mills Charters to learn more about whale watching off the Perth coast.

Whiteman Park

Whiteman Park

5. Whiteman Park: The Student

The last thing children think they want to do on their holidays is learn, but luckily, Whiteman Park is as fun as it is educational. Caversham Wildlife Park, the Children's Forest and the Woodland Reserve will all teach them the importance of protecting the environment.

Is your child passionate about cars? Whiteman Park highlights Australia's proud transport heritage. Take a tram ride or visit the motor museum to see how far the industry has come. They can even ride in steam and diesel vintage trains to see how things we done in the good old days.

Visit Whiteman Park and discover something different everyday!

WA Museum Perth

WA Museum - Perth

6. Museum: The Curious Cat

Have you already taken your kids to so many events that it's starting to be a strain on your wallet? Well, one of the best kids activities in Perth also happens to be free for children under five. The Museum of Western Australia has many different displays that will keep them interested, particularly if they love dinosaurs!

Inspire a sense of wonder in your child, as they see artefacts from a bygone era, or rocks that have landed here from outer space. Teach them the value of science as they look at the bones of animals. For an educational and interesting time this school holidays, the museum is a must-visit.

See what's happening in the Western Australian Museum this summer!

7. Jungle Gym: The Athlete

Without phys ed classes to keep them active, the lure of the couch can prove to be too tempting for many children. Get them up and running in WA's favourite indoor playground for children under 12, Jungle Gym.

Classes and birthday parties are available in a structured environment. Inflatable slides, Tarzan ropes, foam-filled pits... there is heaps to keep your kids entertained while you watch from a safe distance. This well-supervised park is safe and easy to enjoy.

The Maze, home of Outback Splash

The Maze, home of Outback Splash

8. The Maze, home of Outback Splash: The Easy Going Child

So you've asked your child if they'd prefer to see animals, play mini-golf or splash around at a waterpark and they can't make up their mind. The best solution to being spoilt for choice is to take all options! This is a great idea in theory, but one that can be harmful to your wallet. But now, it doesn't have to be, as the Maze gives them all of these options and more for a great day out!

Take your child to meet the local wildlife before playing a round of mini-golf. Finish with the main attraction, the Outback Splash, with a water slide and a tipping bucket to help them cool off. Grab a bite at one of the cafes or pack a picnic, and satisfy all of your child's play needs.

Check out the things to do at The Maze and keep your kids entertained this summer!

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

9. Rottnest Island: The Explorer

Does your child need to see every corner of a new place because they can't live with the thought they may miss out on something? Rottnest Island is sure to give them something interesting to find.

Rottnest Island has plenty of fun activities to discover. Try a game of mini-golf, fish off the jetty, go snorkelling to see shipwrecks or simply let your kids enjoy a day at the beach. Many different kinds of tours are available on the island. If your children are old enough, take them on a Segway Tour and watch them cruise around the island in a stylish and fun atmosphere.

Rottnest Island is a must-see for everyone who wants to make the most of Perth this summer, find out more here!

10. Bounce: The Ball of Energy

One of the toughest things to deal with on school holidays are bored kids. When your usual "go outside and play" line is wearing thin, try something new. Tucker them out at Bounce in Cannington!

Kids over three years old and 110cm tall can take part in Perth's exciting new pastime, the trampoline park. But why should your children get all the fun? Adults and even grandparents are welcome to have a go, making it fun for the whole family.

Get your kids out of the house this summer!

Have a gadget-free summer with your kids. Whatever their personality, there is something in Perth for your kids to enjoy this school holidays. Whether they’re an indoor or outdoor type, an introvert or an extrovert, they will find their bliss.

See what's on in Perth this summer for kids!


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