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There are so many great things to do in Perth and surrounds this winter! Check out what's on this month below, or visit our Events Calendar for more.

  • Morning Music Series: Divalicious Licence to Thrill

    Perth | Dates: 27 – 27 Jun, 2017
    In Divalicious: Licence to Thrill, follow Penny Shaw and Fiona Cooper Smyth as they tell their tale through hits of opera, musical theatre and Hollywood movies at the Perth Concert Hall on Tuesday 27 June.
  • Dracula

    Mandurah | Dates: 27 – 27 Jun, 2017
    Bram Stoker's gothic masterpiece Dracula swoops on Mandurah Performing Arts Centre for one night only on 27 June... after the sun goes down, of course. Sharpen your fangs - there will be blood! Dracula tells the story of young lawyer, Jonathan Harker, as he visits Castle Dracula in the Carpathian Mountains.
  • Intimate Mozart

    Perth | Dates: 28 – 28 Jun, 2017
    Alongside Richard Tognetti and an intimate Australian Chamber Orchestra ensemble, Kristian Bezuidenhout -one of the world's leading performers of Mozart - takes on Piano Concerto No.13 at the Perth Concert Hall on Wednesday 28 June.
  • The State Buildings Dining Trail

    Perth | Dates: 29 – 29 Jun, 2017
    Embark on a culinary journey in the heart of the city with a progressive dinner through the State Buildings as part of their A Toast to Winter on on Thursday 29 June from 6 - 9pm. The evening will begin with bubbles and canapés at Petition Wine Bar, before descending to the basement for entrees and a cocktail at Long Chim. End the evening at a surprise location.
  • Light Study

    Perth | Dates: 30 Jun – 29 Jul, 2017
    Sydney based artist Brendan Van Hek returns to his hometown of Perth during the 2017 City of Perth Winter Arts Season with Light Study, on display at the Piccadilly Arcade from 30 June - 30 July. Light Study draws inspiration from the Noongar season of Makuru - the coldest and wettest of the year. A time of fertility and pairing for animals, it is also a period of high winds and dramatic storms.
  • Atmospheres

    Perth | Dates: 30 Jun – 31 Aug, 2017
    Sydney based WA artist Consuelo Cavaniglia presents atmospheres from 30 June - 31 August at the Plaza Arcade as part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season 2017. This beautiful mural transforms an everyday space into a spectacle to behold. Shades of colour give the illusion there is a light emanating from the wall. Instead of a solid structure the wall suddenly feels as if you could walk through it.
  • Scitech After Dark: Awkward Animals

    West Perth | Dates: 30 – 30 Jun, 2017
    Let out your inner child at After Dark -Scitech's popular adults-only event on Friday 30 June, 6 - 10pm. Get up close and personal with natures’ strangest creatures as you explore Scitech and our new exhibition Whodunit?
  • Louis Lortie Plays Chopin

    Perth | Dates: 30 Jun – 01 Jul, 2017
    Experience the artistry of one of the world's most poetic pianists with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra at the Perth Concert Hall on Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July. Acclaimed French-Canadian pianist Louis Lortie's teacher was a pupil of Chopin specialist Alfred Cortot, whose teacher was a student of Chopin himself.
  • Tesla Expo Perth 2017

    Perth | Dates: 01 Jul – 16 Sep, 2017
    The Tesla Forum of WA proudly presents the 2017 Tesla Expo, an exhibition of the work of Nikola Tesla, one of the most prolific inventors and scientists in history. View a collection of Nikola Tesla's work - the man who was acclaimed by Einstein as 'the smartest man alive' and whose inventions are the cornerstone of modern science.
  • The Amazing Valley Chase

    Guildford | Dates: 01 – 15 Jul, 2017
    Enjoy a free family, car rally trail exploring the Swan Valley these winter school holidays. The Amazing Valley Chase is the follow up trail to the very popular Great Valley Rally and on this adventure you will be introduced to Taylor Tortoise, to guide you around the many attractions of the Swan Valley.

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