Toodyay Visitor Centre

Historic Toodyay – the jewel in the Avon Valley!

Whether as a day trip or a longer stay in our beautiful town, Toodyay offers some magnificent examples of natural and cultural heritage and the chance to enjoy a relaxed rural atmosphere with plenty to see and do.

The town-site of Toodyay is located approximately 85 kilometres east of Perth – a pleasant hour's drive from Perth. The name is believed to be derived from the Aboriginal word "Duidgee" meaning "place of plenty" which refers to the richness and fertility of the region.

A year round delight are the heritage buildings Connor's Mill and Newcastle Gaol which offer a chance to explore our convict and settler past. The very brave at heart can explore the 'Native Cell' at Newcastle Gaol and listen to the experiences of an Aboriginal prisoner. The main street still has the feel of a bygone era with many buildings still retaining their original function.

Nature is another drawcard with the Avon River and the many nature reserves surrounding the town. Wildlife and wildflowers can be seen all year round by anyone willing to take a short walk. Summer offers the beauty of clear night skies while the cooler months are great for a ramble along the walking tracks. There is also a rich selection of arts, crafts, antiques and local produce on offer.

Events are part of Toodyay's rich culture life including the Moondyne Festival, International Food Festival, Toodyay Agricultural Show, Picnic Races and more.

Whether you are looking for dinner beside a wood fire in winter or a casual bite to eat on the verandah when the weather is warmer, Toodyay offers you a range of culinary experiences.

Call in at the Toodyay Visitor Centre who are always there to help.

7 Piesse Street, Toodyay WA 6566
+61 8 9574 9380