Peel Zoo

Peel Zoo is a boutique, hands-on zoo, in a lush setting on the banks of the Murray River not far from Mandurah. What makes Peel Zoo really unique is the ‘hands on experience’ you get here. There are well over 100 species of birds and animals that will capture your imagination, including: koalas, wombats, dingoes, exotic birds, snakes, reptiles, bengal cats, quolls, possums and owls! The huge walk-through aviary and Tasmanian Devils are star attractions.

The difference between Peel Zoo and other zoos is the ‘hands on experience’ you get when you visit us. When you come to Peel Zoo, our awesome team of staff and volunteers will ensure you have the chance to hold a python or pat a dingo… you may even get the opportunity to pat a Tasmanian Devil!

Peel Zoo is a privately funded zoo and wildlife sanctuary. Our goal is to be the best boutique zoo in Australia. We strive to achieve this by making sure everyone who visits us has a unique and personal experience. Visiting Peel Zoo is a bit like visiting one of your own family, who just happens to have hundreds of pets.

Breeding animals is a key priority for us and our Tasmanian Devil breeding programme is of vital importance. This species is endangered in the wild because of an incurable facial tumour disease and our breeding program contributes to the Tasmanian Devil’s long-term future.

"Wow!" Jim, Val & Betty Warnbro, WA
"Great day out for the kids." Kylie Merriden, WA
"Best zoo eva." Lilly Victoria Park, WA
"Beautiful creatures." Peter Saskatoon, Canada
"Brilliant. Loved it. Fabulous." Ferrie Family Scotland
"Staff really helpful." Jacquelyn Suffolk, England

Sanctuary Drive, Pinjarra, 6208
+61 8 9531 4322