Jetpack Perth

Jetpack Perth is the WA's first coastal water jet experience. Based in Rockingham Beach, professional instructors offer a complete hydroflight training for you to get to grips with this ultimate water jetpacks. Jetpack Perth offer four different experiences in one location as well as Jet Ski Tours around Garden Island, Shoalwater Island Marine Park and Carnac Island.

Find out what it feels like to fly with a Jetpack! Water Jetpacks work by spraying highly pressurized water into the ocean to keep you in the air. You can do tricks like underwater submarines, walking on water, sharp turns, donuts, and high hovering. Our Jetpack Perth instructor will teach you the ropes.

Take flight like a superhero with a flyboard experience that will see you using the power of water below your feet to rise into the air, dive, jump out of the water and perform various freestyle figures. The hydro-propulsion forces offer a unique sensation and a total freedom of movement to the rider.

Inspired by the movie Back to the futureā„¢ The Hoverboard is perfect for riders that have a bit of experience on other board sports such as wakeboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, longboarding, skate boaring, snowboard etc. Our experienced instructors will guarantee that you will be at least riding on top of the water within minutes.

The new Jetbike has arrived to Jetpack Perth. The jetbike has got to the be the easiest way yet to get air time. And no, there's no pedaling involved, this jetbike is all water-powered! If you still think the jetpack, flyboard or hoverboard are too difficult for your capabilities. We have the easiest hydroflight device available on the market. If you can ride a bike, you can ride the Jetbike.

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