Cartref Park Country Gardens

Established in 1986, Cartref Park Country Gardens is a place of peace and tranquillity featuring unique native flora and fauna habitats.

Experience several different garden sections including the Mediterranean, Cottage, Jeanie Boyd Memorial Rose Walk and the Native Bush-land Gardens. During Spring time you will see endless wildflowers and there are corridors to encourage the return of native wildlife.

There are many different water areas creating a natural habitat for frogs including ponds and waterf features. The gardens include the 'Jeanie Boyd" rose walk. The Mediterranean garden contains a formal display of citrus, lavender and Germander Hedge. There are beautiful deciduous trees, Camellias and Conifers. The Cottage Garden around the old chook run and wishing well and of course the huge and diverse native garden, including Grevilleas, Wattles and the unusual Black and Gold Kenedia.

163 Howard Rd, Julimar WA 6567
+61 8 9574 2295